Counterbody [possible perception of the unstable matter]

Performative Installation


A dance, installation and music performance in which all the elements can be seen as particles in perpetual movement, permutable and parallel. The show is based on the endeavours of deconstruction, destructuring, decorporalisation through multiple layers of decoding the information. Video, text and music decompose and recompose the movement spaces, pinpointing the permanent relation of transfer between body and space.

Concept Based on philosophical and physical formulas, from the quantum theories to post-structuralism (Judith Butler, Julia Kristeva, Adriana Cavarero) and inspired by the the paraconsistent logic of dialectical philosophy (Graham Priest) and theories by Michel Foucault and Henri Lefebvre about the social production of space, the contradictory space, the other space (heterotopy), counter-space, the text puts the body in a fluid reality. Physical and mental body, parallel, dual, contradictory. The choreographic approach is the result of a process of analysis and research with the bodies of eight dancers, which build up both a fluid and fragmented organism.


  • Choreography: Simona Deaconescu
  • Curator & dramaturgical support: Olivia Nitis
  • Visual composition: Ciprian Ciuclea
  • Original score: Catalin Cretu
  • Performers: Alexandra Balasoiu, Andreea Belu, Corina Tatarau, Denis Bolborea, George Alexandru Plesca, Georgeta Corca, Marian “Franke” Octavian, Simona Dabija
  • Light design: Alexandros Raptis
  • Sound engineer: Marian Catu