Retro Walk Decades to the Sun

Retro Walk Decades to the Sun

Durational Performative Installation


Retro Walk Decades to the Sun is a durational performative installation that investigates the ways in which a segment of quantum physics can be applied to the human body, stressing on the theory of nonlocality (the ability of particles with the same origin to know instantaneously and reciprocally their quantum status, even when they are separate in space). We exist in a 3D space, building in this Euclidian environment coherent models of understanding and acting. This is the most banal generalization describing the position, shape, dimension and direction of the objects around us and represented until the beginning of the 20th Century the only philosophical model to comprehend nature. Nevertheless, this model begins step by step to be deconstructed, the concept of space-time (as a mathematical model combining three dimensions of space with one diemension of time in a continuum), described by Hermann Minkowski and later interpreted by Einstein, sends us sequentially towards questioning perceived reality. Optical space becomes incoherent and fluid through systematic defocusing, objects loose their exact localization and become intentions of a subjective presence. Their analysis creates the illusion that the experience is not mediated and that space itself becomes a psychological immersion.

If in the 1960s, doctors Hans Helmut Kornhuber and Luder Deecke discovered "Bereitschaftspotential" (BP), the so-called "pre-engine potential", which is the measurement of motor cortex and other brain activity stimulating movement. A series of experiments carried out in 1985 by Benjamin Libet proved that BP precedes the conscious decision to perform a spontaneous act, suggesting that there is an unconscious neuronal process preceding and even causing the willful acts, being felt as consciously motivated by a person. There seems to be an unconscious impulse that comes before our conscious decision to move. In other words, before you make the decision to move your hand, a part of the brain has already begun to feel the movement. Our linear existence is the effect of our limited perception. In recent years, there is an ever-increasing talk about the unpredictable behavior of matter and the interconnections existing in the universe. Through this project we do not intend to perform a demonstration of some theories, but to use the means offered by the scientific universe to generate new possibilities for the development of a performative act, both in terms of structure and corporality, and the way of perceiving the work.